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Parsnips, Carrots, Brocolli, Rutabaga, Onions, Ginger, Quinoa, Chia Seed, Ground Almonds, sauteed in Coconut Oil, so delicious, and completely filled my husband and I to the brim

The body of a woman and how it works is really magical.  From the physical beauty, to the inner workings of pregnancy, labor, and birth.  The body overall is a machine in men and women, and when we live a healthy active lifestyle, consciously feed and hydrate ourselves, with a low stress and fulfilling life, everything most of the time works as it should.  Of course there are genetics and life circumstance, but we play a big role in our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

As women bloom, have children, and continue on their life journey, we must take extra care of all of our parts.  I have been doing an overhaul on my stomach, finding out what foods I am allergic to, and enjoying being creative in the kitchen with my husband, check out our delicious dinner from a few nights ago in the picture above.  The video below is a cute way of simply clarifying that our body is designed to have good and bad bacteria that balances each other, and to over clean is not good either.  Just like in the stomach now everybody is about probiotics, same thing with our lady parts.

It made me giggle,


Take care of all your parts,

No need to interfere with how our body operates,

Feel Good,

Coach Yulia

How to Have a Happy Vagina from Margaret Ladner on Vimeo.

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