I’m allergic to chicken, but not beef

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I love customization, we all have different needs, experiences, and stages in life.  Of course the basics of nutrition and exercise are the key to many imbalances, but sometimes you have to go deeper.  In my Yoga/Pilates classes and in my Doula and Prenatal services, I go in empty, yes I have skills and tools, but ultimately I open myself to a new and unique experience in the moment with each person.  Even in a group, my goal is that each person focuses completely on themselves, and I created a safe and comfortable environment where the mind and body connect.

I consider myself healthy, strong, and full of energy.  Everything that I have been doing has kept me this way, but something inside my body is blocked, not flowing as it should, and with age and babies, things do change.  I went to see Yehuda Frischman a few days ago, and I am looking forward to my health journey to create a whole new me.  I love me, and I love the me before babies, and I love what my body has created, and to me age is really a number, but things are not working right, and I don’t want to go back, I only want to go forward, new me, here we go.

What I love the most about the Eastern approach to medicine is that it is all about looking at each person as a whole, and creating a plan that will address not only weight loss, but all of the organs, systems, and as my mom says, the spaces in between are as important as the muscles and bones.

I am going to share my experience with you, here is what I learned so far.  My body likes eggs, beef, coconut, oatmeal, yeast, spelt, and olive oil. Here is what I am allergic to:

  • wheat
  • chicken
  • rye
  • barley
  • sugar
  • dairy
  • chocolate
  • canola

I also have specific herbs that I was tested for, and will harmoniously work with my body. My tongue and pulse was checked, and also something was discovered in my stomach that shouldn’t be there.

I also learned the 8 things we should focus on to live a balanced and happy life.

  1. nutrition
  2. hydration
  3. breath
  4. stretching
  5. sleep
  6. hygiene
  7. elimination
  8. a spiritual connection


So excited!

Coach Yulia





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