A Doula is a necessity, not a luxury

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This is such an amazing article, I am going to keep it around to show people who want to learn more about why hiring a Doula is a necessity.  What I love about our modern system is that we really have a choice, from a home birth to a scheduled cesarean section.  When a woman is laboring in a hospital, she is actually left alone in the room for long periods of time.  This is how midwives approach labor and birth, watchful waiting, there is no formula, no timer, and no such thing as failure to progress.  So women and their partners are left on their own wondering why nobody is checking in on them.  Sure the nurses come in and out to make sure the monitor is good, checking on the baby, and that the mom has no temperature, but other than that, they have a whole floor of patients to tend to. The doctor very rarely makes an appearance before the final pushing stage to literally catch the baby.  Our baby and body know exactly what to do, and a Doula is there to give you a play by play.  Support, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, customized to each situation.

It is not a luxury,

A Doula is a necessity,

For a positive, conscious birth experience,

As the article above says,

Everyone must trust and connect to find the right fit,

Coach Yulia

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