Life is Precious

Fionna Wright
People who have been silent on the tragedies the last couple of days are now speaking up in defense of the cops, upset at this senseless massacre.

My personal position is that violence is never the answer, and I’m just as heartbroken to hear about this Dallas tragedy as I was to hear about the tragic deaths of the civilians at the hands of police. My heart breaks for all of the lives lost, families destroyed, chaos broadened, fear & confusion & hatred heightened. A tragedy is a tragedy. I’ve never agreed with “an eye for an eye” because that makes us all blind.

Even so, I find it interesting how some people had nothing to say about the events that occurred prior to the Dallas shooting, but are now up in arms about it all. If all lives matter, why not say/respond/act equally to each tragic incident? Why does only this tragedy deserve your attention, compassion and emotion?

Afshine Emrani
‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ should never negate ‪#‎BlueLivesMatter‬ because‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬. America should never turn into the Middle East where we have civilians taking the law into their own hands killing cops. We need our leaders to speak up, against racism that kills blacks, against police brutality and against shooting police officers. We need Obama to say words of healing to both sides, not ones that would enrage either to seek more revenge killing, but words that would calm down ‪#‎Dallas‬ and return us to peace and order. We cannot act in this country as radical Islamists do all over the world. We must remember that every American life, black, white, blue is equally precious. Praying for sanity and calm in the community. Amen.



Bryant Gumble shares some powerful truths:

“there is no justification for a society where my son has a far greater chance of being stopped, held, killed, than your son,  simply because he is black”

Take the time to listen to the radio show below about how we can hold the police accountable, what can be done to prevent these murders of innocent African Americans. In the segment after it talks about how moderate Muslims are horrified about Isis, and also how unfortunately some people think that all Muslims are that extreme and brutal. Yes we all have to stand up for each other, but I like to hear the African American voices and Muslim voices, I want to hear their point of view and their direction and suggestions.

Life is precious,

When things hit close to home, it hurts deep inside,

Anything about how my ancestors and fellow Jews suffered throughout history makes me want to take action, so history is never repeated again.


Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


Afshine Emrani

Judaism’s greatest pillar is that every human being is loved by God, not just Jews, not Orthodox, not those in Israel, but blacks and browns, and Muslims and Christians and Buddhists and Bahais and atheists, and homosexuals and transgenders and even Republicans, short, fat, poor and unattractive, because it is written, and we hold the deep belief that all of us, without exception, are created in God’s Image. At birth, each of us is given that gift. God’s love is a gift no one needs to earn. God’s love comes with the privilege of life. So know this- even if people belittle you, even if they throw you to the fringes, even if they bully you, even if they don’t accept you, even if they judge you based on some incorrect understanding of the texts- you are loved by God! No single person has power over you. You are, according to our tradition, in the image of God. And if God loves you, shouldn’t you love you?





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