In America: Black Lives Matter


Oprah powerfully explains that the only way you know what to do, the only way to drown out all the noise around you, is to be still and listen to your inner voice.  We all have that voice, no matter what your beliefs, each human being has a spark, spirit, and passion to live their life with creativity and meaning.

My friend is District Attorney in Los Angeles:


I haven’t posted about LA homicides in many months; so here is a sampling of the black lives taken in Los Angeles in June, 2016, that no one seems to be protesting or otherwise giving a sh#$ about. Sadly.

June 26: Darryl Lamont Geeter, 22, gunshot
June 26: Mark Le Roy Tyree Jr., 15, unknown
June 23: Keyon Lamar Childs, 26, gunshot
June 21: Jhonathan “Oliver, 32, gunshot
June 21: Raivon Robinson, 19, gunshot
June 20: Darrian Rayvon Bias, 21, gunshot
June 18: Thomas Roland Gray Jr., 29, gunshot
June 16: Balham Mitchell Frierson, 45, gunshot
June 14: Joshua Williams, 24, gunshot
June 13: Irby Ford, 54, gunshot
June 11: Chad Daniel Sabal, 38, stabbing
June 10: Keith Bursey Jr., 31, shot by police
June 09: Saieed Stecoo Ivey, 20, gunshot
June 07: Gareth Lopez, 34, gunshot
June 06: Chavin Lafonn Hannah, 46, gunshot
June 03: Yannick Walker, 32, gunshot
June 01: Dermelle Davenport, 51, gunshot
June 01: Darnell Darron Johnson, 22, gunshot

In 2016, in just the past 6 months, there have been 114 black victims of homicide in Los Angeles.

Are you as outraged as I am?

Lives matter, not just the ones chosen for their political narrative


I am horrified with the video and am grieving along with the family of Anton Sterling. Another African American man shot by police for a busted tail light!


In America: African American Men are murdered by the police over and over again.

In the Middle East and all over the world: Isis (Daesh)  is targeting modern civilization and anyone that doesn’t align with them, even their fellow Muslims in their most holiest places.

In Israel: Innocent men, women, children, and elderly are murdered just because they are Jewish.


There is no justification for murder, brutality, and treating people as less than human,

Coach Yulia


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  1. Belham Mitchell Frierson is my friend and I’m glad to report that the people that killed him are out away in jail. We NO LONGER have to worry about them being on the streets again.


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