Teaching our children the right way

Afshine Emrani
I grew up at a time when parents were shamed for showing each other physical affection in front of their children. If a husband kissed his wife in front of the kids, he was considered disgusting, but if he yelled at her or verbally abused her, it was OK. If he affectionately grabbed her butt, that was just vile, but he beat her, not so bad. My uncle who frequently traveled for work would kiss his wife on the lips (not deep french, but simple affectionate) in public, and even then as a child I would think how wonderful it was as grownups told him off. Adults would keep physical love and affection behind closed doors, but yelling and screaming out in the open. How backwards they were. How wrong they got this. There is no greater doubt placed in the heart of children about the future than parents who are openly abusive to each other. There is no worse way to ruin a child’s confidence. “If my parents who are my world hate each other, what chance is there for me?” And there is no greater encouragement for a healthy future marriage than to grow up observing love expressed between our parents. Love openly. Kiss freely. Grab somebody sexy tell them heyyyy.
Thank You Stacey Patton for standing up for children everywhere!
Amazing and Simple ways to teach children the right way below,
As a parent, we keep learning too.
Coach Yulia

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