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This section of the amazing book A Labor of Love, by Rachel Broncher, was called “TO THE HUSBAND.”  Many people ask me what exactly a Doula does, and her words give a glimpse into how having a objective, professional woman to support not only the laboring mom but also the husband, makes a big difference in having a conscious and positive birth experience.

Usually pain is a signal for something wrong, and in our modern world our goal is to eliminate it, numb it, and fix it.  I always say in my Yoga classes, and she says in this book, INTENSE BUT NOT TENSE.  Pregnancy is not sickness, labor and birth are a unique pain that can be managed in most cases, and the more intense it gets, the closer you are to having your baby in your arms.

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I also loved this sentence from the HEALTH section of the book:

“The body has memory, and gradually sets into whatever position you accustom your body to be in.  After a certain age, this is almost impossible to rectify.”

Bottom line is, if you do not invest in your health now, you will have no choice but to invest in managing it later.

  • nutrition
  • exercise
  • sleep
  • positive/low stress


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