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Today I wanted to share how Jewish people and Israel thrive even with terrorism, hatred, and baseless, ignorant Antisemitism.  We party on, move forward, keep living life to the fullest. Great video below on the day after the attacks in Tel Aviv, we unite even stronger as a nation and a people.  This weekend right after Shabbat, we celebrate just that, the birth of our nation, Shavuot, we were spiritually awake, aware,  and connected.


Tamar Andrews
Today we join the people of Israel in mourning the loss of four innocent citizens, murdered last night by Palestinian terrorists in the heart of Tel Aviv. The terrorist group Hamas has claimed responsibility.

Ido Ben Ari, a decorated reservist and senior executive at Coca-Cola’s Israeli headquarters, was sitting with his wife and two children at the popular Benedict restaurant when two terrorists opened fire, killing him and wounding his wife. He was 42.

Dr. Michael Feige was the head of the Israel Studies program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev—an award-winning sociologist and anthropologist who had worked to advance Israeli-Palestinian coexistence. Michael was 58, and a father of three.

Ilana Naveh from Ramat Gan was at the Sarona Market celebrating a birthday when she was struck by one of the bullets. She was 39, and a mother of four.

Mila Mishaev was waiting for her soon-to-be-husband at the Tel Aviv restaurant when the terrorists attacked. She was a resident of Ashkelon, a beloved daughter and sister. She was 32.

As many as 20 others were injured.

This morning, with typical resilience, Israelis returned to the scene of last night’s horrific attack to honor the dead and to continue the necessary work of living.

Here in America, last night’s bloodshed serves as another painful reminder of the dangers facing our ally every day.

We grieve with the people of Israel and stand with them in our shared quest for a safer, more peaceful world.



Wayne J. Klitofsky


Shavuot specifically celebrates the Jewish people receiving the ten commandments and the Torah directly from God.  What keeps us connected as a family, as a people, and as a nation is that we keep on remembering every year, and passing on the stories and the memories to our children.  This oral tradition has been going since Mount Sinai when we became the nation of Israel.

What also keeps the Jewish people strong is when we really connect to the Torah, embrace the commandments and the Mitzvot, and thrive with a balanced, spiritual and modern life.

Thank you Afshine Emrani for sharing the following thoughts and poem.

More than the Jews have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jews. Come my Bride, heal our shattered hearts. ‪#‎IAmTelAviv‬


The fallacy of peace. I actually believe that the ‪#‎Palestinians‬ want peace with ‪#‎Israel‬. But I don’t think it’s possible. The money is in war, not in peace. ‪#‎Hamas‬, the elected leader of Palestinians, thrives on ‪#‎terrorism‬directed toward Israel, such as happened in ‪#‎TelAviv‬ yesterday. That’s how they make their money. That’s how they stay in power. Hamas’ first manifesto is the total destruction of Israel. Guess which other country openly makes that declaration? ‪#‎Iran‬! (In fact, in 2016 Iran’s regime remains an only example of the old barbaric system whereby one country openly called for the total destruction of a neighbor!) And guess who funds Hamas? Iran! So long as the Palestinians keep Hamas in control, there is no chance for peace. Not only do these terrorist cells rig the chances of peace between Palestinians and Israelis, but they feed the hatred between‪#‎Muslim‬ and ‪#‎Jews‬. Each time they hit the heart of Israel with a terror attack, Jews and Muslims all over the world become divided and fight and Hamas thrives and Iranian clerics laughs. The good Muslims of the world must also denounce Hamas as well as the Islamic regime of Iran. We must all together stand against Hamas and against terror. Then, and only then will peace become a reality and no longer a fallacy.

The facts are that this is the same kind of terrorism happening all over the world, and it is linked to ISIS,

Thank God I get to step off of all the craziness going on in the world,
Now I will enjoy my Shabbat,
Enjoy a wonderful Shavuot with family, friends, and community,
See you in three days!
Am Yisroel Chai,
Shabbat Shalom,
Chag Sameach,
Coach Yulia

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