PAIN? Just cough, or breathe, many ways to manage


Pain and Love are two words in the English language that mean completely different things, levels, and sensitivity to each person out there.  What an amazing video above that explains how pain works, and how a simple act of distraction actually makes it not as painful because it is our of our head.  Our head, that is the culprit, did you know that before Eve ate of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, there was no knowledge, so there was no pain in childbirth, just instinctual like with animals.  A veterinarian was asked what to do if an animal is in labor, he said not to interfere.  I wish the same was true with our society today with women, and in the midwife philosophy it is all about watchful waiting.  If we get out of our own way, we actually let the uterus expand and contract without interference, fear, doubt, or tension.  Yes, this is scientific fact, we can either have endorphins by way of oxitocyn or adrenaline.  If there is fear, the blood goes to our limbs to run, whether there is danger or not, our body reacts the same.We need to keep the circulation and breath with baby and body, who by the way know exactly what to do.

If you allow your body to start labor naturally, at first it really is once in a while and not so bad, and then the body builds the tolerance as they get closer and more intense.  In Doula world, Pain is Progress, it means you are closer to meeting your baby, and the final stage of pushing is a relief and release.  Here are some great misconceptions about labor and birth,

I keep on hearing that in Brazil and South Africa, there are such high rates of elected Cesarean births.  It is major abdominal surgery, and dangerous if the woman wants to continue having babies.  I am grateful that Western Medicine is there for emergency only, and the best thing to do is know that it is there, and then focus on trusting yourself and getting through it one contraction at a time.

Coach Yulia

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