This is the kind of parent I want to be


My parents are my example.  It is so amazing to hear the woman in this video, how against all odds, her culture, her gender, her religion, her parents supported her unique passion and vision.  My parents are immigrants, came to a new country with no language, no plan, and complete trust in their children to teach them and thrive in a free country with opportunity and religious freedom.

Today I see the horrific case of a father trying to support his child, after he had raped an unconscious woman.

I’m pretty much speechless at this case and especially at the letter written by the father of this Stanford athlete who raped an unconscious woman at a fraternity party and got off with a slap on the wrist.

Rape isn’t “action,” sir. It’s rape.

Internet, please produce a response worth posting. I can’t even formulate one.

The victim’s letter is powerful and articulate. Please don’t ignore these stories. Read them.

The letter by Brock Turner’s father has drawn outrage, but it apparently helped…
Here is a letter from his victim:
The best response that I have seen directed at his father:
Mireya Mayor
I wonder if he’d say the same if it was his son being raped for a “mere” 20 minutes. Sickening. The judge, the father, the son. Sick.
The father of Brock Turner, the ex-Stanford swimmer who was given a paltry six-month sentence in a county jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in…

This started out as a very different blog post, I was so inspired by the girl graduating and her speech.  Then I saw the horrible message this family of the abuser are trying to say it was no big deal, and a judge agrees!  What kind of message is that to our society, to our women, daughters, sister, mothers, and even our children?
Coach Yulia


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