We are all supposed to be different


Have you heard the expression “on paper?”  Specifically when you are meeting someone, the description of their accomplishments and attributes gives you one impression, but when you are face to face, you may see a completely different perspective.  Cookie cutters we are not.  We are all unique, with different dreams, goals, visions, gifts, and talents. There is not just one path to greatness and happiness.  Wouldn’t that be odd if there was only one path?  It is beautiful when we are inspired and motivated, but ultimately when you make something your own, relate to it, feel it, and express it, then you thrive.

Some Jewish thoughts, just finishing a beautiful relaxing, fun Shabbat with the kids.

Dorothy Tiano Melvin
As much as we love connecting to the spiritual, we also need livelihood.

“If you will keep my mitzvahs…the land will yield its produce…and
I will give you rain” (Lev. 26:3). It’s interesting that the Torah
promises an abundance of material and physical blessings in exchange
for following the Torah. Most of us would probably expect a promise of
spiritual return such as the promise of Heaven, paradise, or eternal
life. Interestingly, the Torah never makes an explicit mention of life
beyond this world. Perhaps what the Torah is teaching us is that we
shouldn’t think the world and all the blessings in it have nothing to
do with a spiritual life. The idea behind this could be that the
physical, material blessings are truly spiritual blessings in that
they provide us with an opportunity to connect to the Divine. The more
we understand this, the greater is our opportunity to become a conduit
for G-d’s blessings. In fact, the Talmud expands this and points out
that we all have certain skills and talents, and should strive to
share those talents with those around us. In doing so, we’re taking
the physical blessings we’ve been given and transforming them into an
eternal spiritual connection with Divine.

Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Jawary


I love both of these videos about just being you, and then getting inspired by people who are 100% themselves.

Coach Yulia

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