Tonight and Tomorrow we celebrate

Afshine Emrani
On ‪#‎LagBOmer‬ eve (now in ‪#‎Israel‬) bonfires are lit all across to symbolize the light brought to the world by Rabbi Bar Yochai. Bar Yochai died on the 33rd day of the ‪#‎Omer‬, known as Lag BaOmer. On the day of his death, he revealed secrets of ‪#‎kabbalah‬ which formed the basis of the ‪#‎Zohar‬. On his death bed: “Now it is my desire to reveal secrets… The day will not go to its place like any other, for this entire day stands within my domain…” Our tradition holds that daylight was miraculously extended until he had completed his final teaching and died. As such, the custom of lighting fires on his yahrzeit (anniversary of death) symbolizes this revelation of powerful Light. According to a legend in the Babylonian ‪#‎Talmud‬, Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai criticized the Roman government and was forced to go into hiding with his son for thirteen years. They were sheltered in a cave (which local tradition places in Peki’in). Next to the mouth of the cave a carob tree sprang up and a spring of fresh water gushed forth and provided against hunger. May the Light be with you!!!


Meanwhile in the rest of the world people are standing up for every other race, religion, nationality, people, and cause.  While it is accepted to call the Jewish people whatever anyone pleases, the Prime Minister of Israel explains it clearly in the video above.  As well as college campuses teeming with hate,


We keep celebrating,
Our Past,
Our Present,
Our Future,
Just like the Bob Dylan song says below,
Keep celebrating Nation of Israel!
Coach Yulia



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