Only You Know The “HOW”

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This picture of my husband showed up on my “memories on Facebook” today, 8 years ago. This August we are married 9 years, and on our first meeting he was wearing a suit, and every time he wears a suit, every Shabbat, I remember when I first laid eyes on him.  He went to one Yoga class when we were dating, and although my whole being and career is about health and fitness, it is a challenge getting him to exercise with me.

Yesterday our schedules collided, it was a gorgeous day, both of us want to get rid of our bellies, and we went hiking together at the Baldwin Hills stairs.  He loved it, it was hard core, 30 minutes, non stop, and done.  He wants to do it weekly, and maybe twice a week.  I also have been adding more cardio to my workout, and it is always more fun to do it with somebody, you motivate each other.

Yesterday in Yoga class, one of my students was trying to figure out how to get in a pose, and he asked me “HOW?”

Did you know that only YOU can figure out the HOW?

A teacher can show you, guide you, and even physically place you in the position, but until you practice and do it again and again, only then it becomes your own.  Everything is like riding a bicycle, one day it clicks, and then you got it forever.  Whether you watch a video, read a book , or have your friend show it to you, it still is not the same, only your own neuro-muscular system can learn your own body’s way to do it and understand it.  Happy Birthday to my amazing Yoga teacher, Raghavan, who turns 84 today!

Of course, this is anything in life, the what and where are one thing, just like form and alignment.  Then there is your own expression, understanding, and execution.  Love the video below about fashion meeting technology.  We all have our own unique way of being, and I am so grateful that my husband totally get its, is not scared of it, supports me to express it, and is proud of everything I do.


Coach Yulia

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