Why are Jews not for Jews and Israel?

When people ask what does being Jewish means, depending on where you are from, there will be a different perception.  In the Soviet Union, where I was born, Jews were a nationality, it said so on our passports.  Even in today’s modern Russia, Jews are considered their own nationality and race, it is very different from someone who is 100% Russian.  In America, many Jews ran from persecution and just wanted to blend in, and most of the European Jews just passed for the box that said white or Caucasian.  In the United States on the surface it is just a religion, but in the beginnings of this great country there were all kinds of signs against everyone that was not white, and that included the Jews.

What shocks me today is that Jews are against Jews and against Israel.  I am a first generation immigrant and I come from discrimination.  In France and all over Europe, Jews are not quite feeling French or European, especially the observant Jews that are easy to recognize.  During the Holocaust, the editor of the New York Times was Jewish, but he also wanted to just be white, not associate with this ancestors, so many stories of the horrors happening all over Europe were hidden in the middle of the paper in a small article, https://youtu.be/Q2PQCNQH2lY.

Today while relaxing with my family on Shabbat, I read an article about all the different types of Jews in America.  It really gives you a glimpse how the left/liberal Jews have aligned totally with political causes and are completely disconnected from their Jewish roots.


The best explanation of what it means to be Jewish that I have heard, is that we are one big family, we are the children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Jacob was also called Israel, so we are the children of Israel, https://youtu.be/BCmHd_scHik.

We are all one family,

Coach Yulia

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