Listen to the whisper


The video above explains how to really listen to yourself in a way that is easy to understand.  Sometimes a simple explanation is the most powerful because it is recognizable, transmitted, received, and hopefully put into action.  Everybody’s whisper is different, and it really is only a whisper, we have to make an effort to shut out all the noise around us.

This is my main message in everything that I do.  Whether it is Yoga, Labor and Birth, or even my conversations with my children.  As a parent, I encourage other parents to trust their intuition when it comes to their children, there is research, and then there is your child.

If you really think about it, there is no competition, it is better for each person to discover their own talents and gift it to the world.  Nobody will ever be the same, there is no comparison, and only when you live your truth, will you be successful and fulfilled.

There is not one way, there is no perfect way,. there is just your way.

Coach Yulia


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