I just know.


We have a right to feel how we feel, it is human to get upset, get emotional, get overwhelmed, and worry.  What we do next is what separates us.  Whether it is in life, as parents, or in labor and birth, trust your inner instincts and what feels right to you.

Even the beautiful life that I am living now, which fits me just right, it is such a big contrast to my single life.  Sometimes it is hard for people to understand how someone could change, move own, grow, it is all so personal and individual.

I do not know if any of it makes sense to you, but my point is just live your life, make no excuses, really trust deep inside and of course get guidance from friends, family, and even professionals or groups.

I feel like everything in life is a shidduch, which means your other half, right fit, and even soulmate.  That could apply to work, friends, and meeting the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.  It is so important to be open, and go for things, but if the fit is not good, do not be afraid to let go, to move on.  On the other hand when you have fully committed to something, and the pros outweigh the cons, then stick with it, fight for it, do not give up.  I tell my husband that it is for life, a life sentence, there is no way out.

Once I got married and had children, I did start living differently, and I honestly am enjoying this new adventure, for me it is new, I did not live this way in my single life.  The video above is a glimpse into eating Kosher, and it is hilarious.  I count down every week until Shabbat, it is so nice to have 24 hours away from the non stop world that we love.

Find What Fits You,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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