Birth is the one thing we cannot control

I have been there three times, Thank God, and feel blessed that I had beautiful pregnancies.  At the end, in the 9th month, it was not easy, uncomfortable, lots of pressure, and just really looking forward to having the baby.  With my amazing support team of my husband, doctor, and doula, I did natural things to help things naturally move along, but never felt pressured, or wanted it to be over with sooner, and Thank God my health and the health of my baby was good.

I often read women asking how to naturally move it along, and really being ready.  I am going to write some suggestions, but honestly, we have no control, there is no real way to make the baby come, and I love the natural high of that fact.

  • Take a brisk walk at least an hour a day
  • Get a prenatal massage, there are special points that a therapist knows
  • Accupuncture to encourage flow in the right direction
  • Chiropractic adjusts the body so the baby has plenty of room to move down
  • Reflexology stimulates the body to activate
  • Primrose Oil
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea
  • Eating spicy food
  • Intimacy with  your partner

It really is such a special moment in time, especially with your first baby.



Coach Yulia


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