“No Drama” Labor

Last year this was a busy month of babies, and this year as well, and I am blessed to be a Doula for a few of the beautiful ladies.  It is interesting for me to read about due dates, and different reactions to due dates.  For many, mentally they are done with being pregnant and will do anything to move it along.  Sometimes doctors look at statistics and feel that baby is big, mom is small, or some other reason to interfere and induce.  Unfortunately this gets inside our heads, and we start worrying about what if, when the best thing to do would be not to mention any of these things because it is just guess work and estimates. Due dates are estimates, they are not accurate, and nothing we do will help to induce, yes there are many wonderful ways to try to help move it along, but honestly it is one of the things we truly have no control over, and I find that beautiful.

One of my clients is internalizing this approach of lets go with the flow and see what happens in the moment.  She told me she is enjoying the “No Drama” labor, there is no reason to worry in advance.  I am so blessed that we both have found the right fit with each other.  I always tell women, you will either wait at home, or wait in the hospital, coming to the hospital too early does not make the birth go any faster.  Many times you will be sent home, or start with one intervention that may lead to many interventions. Once at the hospital, there are many things you can do to keep that “No Drama” environment, http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-9661/how-to-create-a-sacred-space-for-a-hospital-birth.html.

Maybe I should call myself NO DRAMA DOULA,

Every woman, pregnancy, birth, and labor is different and unique,

I always look forward to a new experience, present with mom and baby,

Let the body and baby do what it knows,

Getting our of our head, getting out of our own way,

I really feel this makes a big difference in letting everything progress,

Breathe and Find What Feels Good,

Trust What Feels Right To You,

Trust You,


Coach Yulia

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