Low Risk Labor and Birth

Did you know that in most countries hospitals are just for high risk and emergency surgery? Did you know that doctors are master surgeons, and that is their skill set, but for a natural low risk birth, they literally just come in at the very end to catch the baby.  I found the video above fascinating, about the American system of billing and insurance companies.

I chose to labor at home until my husband, Doula and I felt it was time to go to the hospital just to give birth.  I gave birth in two hours and stayed for two days, which is the standard, and Thank God felt great and had a healthy baby.  My next two births were similar, laboring at home and birthing at the hospital for a couple of hours.  I was blessed to have an amazing team around me, so I never felt pressured, stressed, or got out of my zone.  I knew exactly the experience that I wanted, and am grateful that my plan was God’s plan and that my babies were in the right direction.

Nowadays parents research their gift registry more than they research their birth. Whatever your desired experience, take the 10 months that you are pregnant to learn about what actually happens and the kind of birth that you would like to have.  It is helpful to write a birth plan, more for your own education, and a guide for the staff.  Ultimately with the right support we have to stay in the moment, use the tools in our toolbox (shower, birthing ball, massage, breath,) and make conscious decisions about the health of mom and baby.

Mother focused labor and birth.

The doctor, midwife, nurses, and doula or other support staff are all working as a team to fully inform and support the mother.

We are consumers, not patients.

Trust your gut and mother’s intuition, if something doesn’t feel right, get a second opinion.  I know women that have switched doctor’s in their last month of pregnancy, and it is our right to do so.


Coach Yulia




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