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So many posts today talking about:

  • People who appreciate their mother’s
  • People who just became mother’s
  • Children who are wishing their mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day
  • People who have lost and miss their mother’s
  • People who really want to be a mother, and it is a challenge
  • People who tried and were not able to have children
  • People who are not biological mothers, but have raised and loved fully
  • People who did not have the best relationship with their mother
  • Women who are waiting for their other half to have a family
  • Mother’s who are a mother and father to their children
  • Father’s who are a mother and father to their children

I wish everyone reflection and healing on their personal path and journey through this life.  I have been truly blessed in this life to have a brilliant mother in every sense of the word. Brilliant in Russian means diamond, and she is always sparkling, spreading her light wherever she goes and with everyone she comes across.  Genuine, loving, caring, intelligent, sexy, and eternally grateful, present, connected and conscious to all the blessings in her life.

I became a mother later in life, and am grateful that I was able to have my three children, and I am happy that it was later in life, I lived it up, and now this adventure of motherhood is definitely the wildest ride of my life.  I love the video below describing motherhood and everything it entails.  I only know how to give 100%, that is what my children deserve, the only way I survive is with the support of my amazing husband, and the work that I love that recharges me.

I want to wish all the mother’s directly in my life a wonderful Mother’s Day.

My beautiful sister in law’s, my mother in law, my beautiful 100 year old grandmother who is the matriarch of our family, God Bless Her for a long life.  Also all of my beautiful friends and all the mother’s in our huge community.  All of my clients prenatal and post partum, and in my every day Yoga classes.

Have a wonderful day!

Coach Yulia

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