Stages and Transitions of Life

Before getting married and having children, I was teaching Yoga, but was not specializing in mommy’s and baby’s, and I honestly never imagined it would be my passion.  After having beautiful pregnancy, labor, and birth experiences with an amazing Doula, I naturally segued into teaching Prenatal Yoga.  Nothing is random, I met my Doula teacher when she reached out to me when I was leading mommy walking groups.  She also teaches birth classes, and I referred a Prenatal Yoga client to her.  That same client basically hired me as her Doula and told me to get the training.  When I married my husband, I also married an amazing community.  I feel so blessed supporting women in this magical time. Now I get to do it Post Partum as well leading a Post Partum Pilates with baby.  Today some of the moms were sharing about their birth stories, and it was really therapeutic to listen and realize we all have our own stuff that we go through.

My classes today: ( for full class listing and times)

  • Early morning was Private Yoga for life and health.
  • Right after Prenatal Yoga.
  • Early afternoon Post Partum Pilates.

Now I have a little bit of time before getting the kids from school, and then getting ready for a huge family Shabbat tonight.

We are never the same, we are different everyday, we need balance, happiness, and health to thrive through all of the stages and transitions of life.  We also need each other, and most importantly we need a Day of Rest, completely off of the world.  I just saw an article about Katy Perry suggesting on having a national day of rest.

“I wish there was a thing like Shabbat that wasn’t particularly religious-based, that was kind of a worldwide day where we’re not on our phones — like a movement. I just think something like this would be really great for our minds, especially because kids today — if they weren’t born in the 80s — don’t even know what a life without internet is like. And I think it’s going to be really difficult for our focus and our attention spans moving forward. So I’d love if the world implemented an actual day of real rest.”

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


One of my beautiful prenatal clients baked Challa and brought some for me 🙂 So excited to have it tonight, it is a very special time to bake because it is the first Challah after Passover,




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