My Day

7am Get Kids Ready For School, Breakfast, Lunches, Showers, Backpacks

8:45am Private Women’s Yoga Class

10:15am Cell Phone Ticket

10:30am Teaching Yoga to 30 people at 24 Hour Fitness

Noon Private Prenatal Yoga

2pm Helped my mother in law and sister in law organize and plan to move

4pm On my way to pick up kids from school

5pm Home Sweet Home, Dinner, Homework, Piano Lesson with my oldest son

7pm Watching our favorite show with my husband

9pm Attempting to make a salad with Daikon, and cutting my pinky on the shredder, I am just not meant for the kitchen

10pm Not knowing what to write and decide to write out my day

Nothing phased me today, I enjoyed every moment, and accepted every moment, very calmly knew I would deal with things later, no reason to get upset, had to go on with my non stop day.

It was so sweet, all the kids had Mother’s Day gifts, flowers, and cards for me,

Feeling Blessed,

Feeling Content,

Busy day of classes in the morning,

Big Shabbat dinner with family in the evening,

Life is good,

Coach Yulia


Everyone in the Jewish world is still recovering from Passover, it is a whole different way of being for a week, as you see my husband is over the Matza, but the kids are having fun with chocolate in the final days!

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