“Candle in Your Corner!”

I am part of an amazing group of Jewish writers and artists, and by artist I mean all types of types.  I love to say exhibitionists need voyeurs, so it is a safe place to express ourselves in any way that we need to let it out.  I do not know most of the people, it is online, and I love to just get inspired by others.  The words below are such truth, and especially the last sentence.

Chaya Margelit Hoffman
Bloom where you’re planted.

Wherever you are, there you are.
Carpe diem.
If you’re a receptionist, dress and speak and act like the CEO.
Because the king of the world sent you here on a special mission, and even if that mission is unclear, just start where you are.
Greatness comes from dark corners of the world.
Be the candle in your corner.

I love to use candle as a verb, lets all Candle In Our Corners!

This just makes me want to jump for joy, let it all out, no holds barred, just be!

In honor of Yom HaShoah, remembering the Holocaust in Israel, here are some amazing photos of light in the darkness, http://popchassid.com/more-photos-holocaust-narrative/.


Coach Yulia



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