The Birth of a Nation


Babushka had fun with her grandkids!

Please allow me to indulge once more in my Jewish roots, and how it relates to my purpose of life, guiding souls into this world.  My mother first mentioned that coming out of the sea as a nation is exactly like a baby born out of ruptured waters.  This article is so beautiful, it is a male doctor who connects Passover to the miracle of birth,

Mandel sees himself as one of God’s midwives, aiding in the work of creation, ushering new life into the world. “Obstetrix in Latin means midwife,” he says.

Everything in life is a miracle, so important to be grateful and notice the little things.  This has been a tough few weeks of sick kids, medications, and the care taking.  I am really not nurse material, God bless the nurses that do so much, especially the nurses in labor and delivery.

I feel so blessed that sickness is not part of our everyday lives, and that my children know that healthy is the right way to feel.  That way once they feel off, they are proactive, let me know, and we can take the right steps to feel 100% again.  I teach this concept in Yoga and Pilates as well.  It is so important to know how to hold our body correctly and know all the different ways it is meant to function.  My Yoga teacher says bodily functions should be pleasant, or something is wrong.

Coach Yulia

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