Connections are purely a miracle, how we meet the people we meet, how we end up in the right place at the right time.  I love to hear stories of how people met, even how someone discovered their talent and gift, or found just the perfect job.  Nothing is coincidence, and this amazing article talks about just that.

In Hebrew the word is Shidduch, meaning soulmate or your perfect fit.  I feel that there is a perfect fit in every part of life, not just in relationships.  Ultimately everything is a relationship, who we choose to work with, be friends with, and where we decide to live. The only place where I feel there is absolutely no choice is when we have children, we cannot walk away, we cannot get tired of it, we have to just deal, they deserve 100% of us.

Here is another beautiful story about a spark that was the ultimate connection,

When I teach a Yoga class, it is more of a group energy, so I walk in, everybody there is happy to just feel good, and then I go home.  In one on one sessions and with Doula clients it is much more intense, and I hire them as much as they hire me.  If it is not the right fit, then there could be misunderstanding and a waste of energy.

I am so grateful that I trust the right connection all of my life, Thank God, and honestly it might have felt right in the moment, and when it doesn’t feel right anymore, I love change, I am happy to move on, I move on easily.  Especially with jobs, cities, and even people, there are a few that I keep really close for life.  I am also blessed to have found my perfect fit in my husband, and it is a choice to be committed, focus on the pros outweighing the cons, and keep communication and our deep connection open and charged.


Trust the “It.” Factor,

I am so conscious and present with all of the “It.” in my life,

I love my parents, my brother and his family, all of my extended family on both sides,

I love my husband and his family,

I love my childhood friends, and friends that I have made in each adventure of my life,

I love my children,

I love my community which keeps me spiritually high,

I love my work which is my life purpose,

I love my own deep connection to stay healthy, strong, young, full of life and energy,

For everyone and everything in my life,

Coach Yulia

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