Everybody is an expert on social media, and like most people we all agree with what we agree with, and disagree what we disagree with, and do not open ourselves up to interact with the other side.  What I find fascinating also is that evidence and research is always discovering new things, and sometimes the new things discovered prove the completely opposite point.  Take eggs or milk for example, talk to different people and they will tell you if milk is even necessary after we start eating food, we are not cows, and there are many other sources of calcium.  With eggs, at times we have heard the yolk is healthier, and now there is complete love for the protein in the egg white, what will we find out next?

What also shocks me is how people want to disprove certain facts that happened in history, especially when there is physical, photographic, and video evidence.

Jess Katz
After 70 years of searching for my family we were separated from in the Holocaust, we finally found them! Words cannot explain what I feel right now. My grandpa’s brother escaped to Russia from Poland in 1939 right before the Holocaust started. After my grandpa survived Auschwitz, he spent his entire life trying to find out what happened to his brother. We wrote to the Red Cross, Yad Vashem, Poland, Russia etc. and never found him. We always held on to some hope that somehow he survived. Well a couple of days ago we found his son and spoke with him – we now have a whole new family and a connection that will last a lifetime. His son sent us pictures of his father and he looks just like my grandpa! It’s heartbreaking that they both survived but never found each other while they were alive but I am so grateful to have this new addition to my family! My grandpa is on the left and his brother, Chaim is on the right! This is the first time we ever saw what Chaim looked like! The Holocaust is not something of the past, it’s still very much alive in many families, I wish they had the chance to meet after the war. I want to be able to share this story with mainstream media outlets in Israel and in the USA to give hope to families who are still searching – please let me know if you have any connections or advice.
Jess Katz's photo.   Jess Katz's photo.


We are still celebrating our eight days of Passover, and I am shocked when I hear people try to dig for proof that the Torah is factual, and the facts keep surfacing,


Look at the Evidence,

Do your own research,

Talk to both sides,

Trust your gut,

Chag Sameach,

Happy Passover,

Coach Yulia

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