Passover Lessons


I love to learn, and every year as we retell the story of how the Jewish people became a nation, it is a lesson about self growth, letting go of ego, and to completely trust that everything is for the good.  It was fascinating to learn that there was not a specific reason that the Jews were slaves in Egypt, many people gave possibilities, but ultimately it was just part of the journey and the divine plan.  God told Abraham that his ancestors would be slaves, and all of the lessons we learn along the way create who we become.  What we learn from this is that there is not just one reason, or one solution, especially for each individual person, we must all find our own path, there are no absolutes, there is not one way, there is just your way!

It was also fascinating to have an archaeologist point out proof that the exodus existed, and the real proof is that Jewish people have been retelling the story since it happened, from generation to generation, word out mouth, who we are, it is a nation, it is a family, and it is in our genes, there is actually a Jewish gene!  Our first Passover Seder was with family and the three Bar Mitzva boys led the whole thing, the adults were in awe, and my children had such a beautiful example in their cousins leadership.  In America, Judaism is seen as a religion, and that is one part of it, but it is a way of being, and I encourage everyone to get to know people, try not to judge or assume from afar, and trust your gut and instinct about what you hear.

Am Yisroel Chai,

The nation of Israel,

The Jews people and Israel are one,

Chag Sameach,

Coach Yulia

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