Freedom of Choice and Expression

  This is how the very big ‘Birkas Hakohenim’ looked like a short while ago…

A true highlight of Pesach in Jerusalem.

Now there will be the whole week of fun, many families are on vacation, there is no school, it is a new thing to me that this Passover time is like the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year.  Lucky for me, the kids have school during the week, so I get to do the work I love, spend some quality time with my mom who is in town for the holiday, and keep enjoying that cleansing energy of Passover as my eye still scans the house of what to let go of.

As I read the news around the world, and peoples opinions about science, and thoughts on how the world should operate, all I ask is just to let me live my life my way.  Jewish people have been trying to live their life their way since the beginning of time, they did not follow the majority, and were always singled out and discriminated against just for sticking to their traditions.  I am shocked that in America there is such liberalism and such freedom of speech, that even I feel threatened to follow my observant lifestyle.  Specific examples? Circumcision, I just had some words with a girl that I found out her mother is a Rabbi, is against circumcision for scientific reasons.  All I asked her is to please not to infringe upon my rights to make choices for my children.  She posted such a disturbing article that in Germany a research study has determined that circumcision should not be allowed, usually I just stay quiet, but I could not, I had to speak up, and I was shocked that she told me her mother is a Rabbi.

Also on college campuses, I am shocked how Jewish and Israeli leaders are not even able to speak.  Even amazing Palestinian humanitarians are harassed because of their stance on Israel,

Passover strengthens Jewish unity as you see in the video above,
Stand up my Jewish brothers and sisters,
Let us educate as well as support communities around the world,
Yesterday was the march for Armenian Genocide,
Coach Yulia

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