What a night, what a morning!  Last night all the kids took turns pushing all of our buttons, Thank God once they are asleep, they sleep deep until morning.  So this morning everyone listened nicely, and once I dropped them off to school I went online.  I saw a horrific post about how a Harvard student disrespected an Israeli speaker, and the comments below that post were full of hate and venom.  My goal is to speak the truth, educate those who may not know the history or background of Israel and the Jewish people, and stay calm, reasonable, and open to communication and learning.  One of my passions is being a voice for Israel and the Jewish people.  I have friends from all over the world, love diversity, and know that my voice gets heard.

Then on my drive to teach my Yoga class, my husband calls me to let me know Prince just passed away from the flu!  I grew up with Prince, he was my childhood, he was my first concert, and in many ways he got my juices flowing.  My best friend who went to the concert with me when I was twelve called, and we reminisced how it feels like the loss of a family member.  It made me think of how he was allowed to express himself fully as an artist, and inspire so many people, he really lived, and that is what it is all about anyway. It made me think of the word passion, and when you break it into two words, it is pass and ion.  We are passing our energy onto each other and the world, and he really did that to the fullest.

I love spreading the message of balance, feeling good, and being true to yourself. I also love the work I do supporting women, Prenatal, Labor, Birth, and Post Partum.

I am blessed to live my Passion,

I am blessed to have my husband and children by my side,

I am blessed to have my parents, brother, and extended family in close contact,

I am blessed to have unique, creative, intelligent, and genuine friends,


Coach Yulia


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