What is your TRUTH?

Some say there is one truth, and maybe yes for each individual there is one truth.  As we go through life we get closer to our own truth, and live our life by different guidelines.  Even people who are from the same place, have same genes, religion, culture, and background sometimes have a different truth.

I know my truth and respect your truth, I will guide my children in my truth, and I will blog to the world about what I feel in my gut is the truth.  Even now as all the Jews all over the world get ready for Passover, we all have different truths, traditions, backgrounds, levels of observance, and even down to what we can eat.  The core truths, the roots are one, we were born as a nation after leaving Egypt as slaves, and we all eat Matza instead of anything leavened to symbolize how our ancestors survived this journey.  Not only did the bread not rise, but our egos, we were stripped to the basics, open to live a full, moral, connected, and meaningful Torah life.

What is beautiful about the Torah and the Jewish holidays is that they are relevant to modern life and our world climate.  I am shocked how the world does not react to civilian attacks in Israel, and did you know more tunnels were discovered in Gaza, and Hamas admitted to using their own people as human shields,


Believe what you want,

I will keep living my truth,

Respecting your Truth,

Spreading the Truth,

Coach Yulia

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