This too shall pass


My mom is staying with us for the Passover holiday, and I was explaining her that when the kids whine or have a moment of insanity, my first instinct is to ignore and let it pass. It usually works, and if it does not work, then I have to deal with it and figure it out, but I really believe that their moods change every second, and I always hope that the tantrum will pass just as quick as it started.


My mom was telling me that the most powerful part of Passover for her is that the Jewish nation was born, literally from parting waters, like from a womb.


My mom said these wise words from Jewish learning, “This too shall pass.”  It made me think of the most important part of labor and birth, watchful waiting, and how it applies. The baby will pass, it is a healthy elimination, our body and baby know exactly what to do, we just have to let it happen at its own pace.

I am so blessed to have my one of a kind mom in my life,

I Love You mom,

Coach Yulia


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