Passover/Pesach is a week away!

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Here is my article in the Passover edition, and everyone is non stop preparing for Passover. For some people the cleaning is the big job, and for others it is figuring out meals for guests and their family.  There are special dishes for the holiday, everything else gets put away, and being creative with the foods we can eat is also a challenge, especially with kids.

Luckily there are many Kosher restaurants that are overhauling for Passover too, so many people will treat themselves, some people already have their kitchen and home ready, and do not allow any other food in the house.

Speaking of eating out, tonight there is a big buffet for the community, check it out,

We are excited to be going to family the first night, and the second night there is a community seder,, please spread the word if you know people that need a place to go.

Everyone is buzzing,

All of my classes are postponed until after Pesach,

I still have closets to clean,

Luckily my husband is in charge of the kitchen,

I love cleaning house,

Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually,

Chag Sameach,

Passover is a week away!!!

Coach Yulia



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