I do not like when my body and mind do not feel good.  I am so blessed to have good genes from my family, and enjoy living nutritious, healthy lifestyle.  When my body feels off, I listen, and sometimes all we need is rest, or healing foods, and other times we must go the western medicine route as a last resort.

My kids have inherited my genes and love of good food and activity, but sometimes they do not feel good, and my first approach is rest, soup, tea, honey, and natural remedies.  I rarely go to the doctor myself, Thank God, and would only go if something was not going away and I did not know how to solve it.  When it comes to my kids, I take more precautions, I would rather take them to the doctor to rule out anything dangerous, and also if something needs immediate treatment.

It is an exciting and busy time, Passover is around the corner, family is in town, school break is coming up, and I am trying to schedule my work around my life.  I feel so grateful that I am able to do that.

Had a client this morning, just came back from a beautiful circumcision ceremony welcome a Jewish boy into the community.  Headed towards my next Prenatal client, and then a private group class tonight.

I love to feel good.

I love when my clients feel good.

I love when my family feels good.

I love to have an open and inviting environment in my classes to just explore and learn,

I always say that I cannot teach a person about themselves,

I cannot teach you what feels good to you,

Only you can do that,


Coach Yulia

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