What does age mean to you?

The video above helps put things in perspective, and how in our society and culture there is a misconception and  an obsession with the number itself.  To me it is just a number, in the Russian mentality it is just a reason to celebrate.  From a Jewish point of view, it is a auspicious day where you can give blessings to everyone you know and they have special power directly from above.

Today someone in their 80’s felt under the weather, and so did my six year old daughter. With the work I do in the fitness and health industry, I see firsthand how taking care of ourselves keeps us healthy, young, fit, strong, and living a full life.  Also knowing when we start feeling off, to slow down, rest, eat and drink the nutrients that we need to recover, so we can get back on our feet faster.

Mind and body need to connect in order to be the most efficient and work properly.  Trust when something feels right, and check if something does not feel so good.  Sometimes our minds are so non stop, we ignore when our body is falling apart.  Even in our fitness goals, it is so important to balance and fuel our body correctly.  My ultimate goal with my clients is to prevent injury and get them to know their body so well, that they hold their posture correctly.  Also if something starts feeling like it is on the way to injury they can stop it from happening, or once it happens, do everything they can to make the healing process start immediately.

Release the Tension,

Pay Attention,

It is not selfish,

It is self care,

Coach Yulia



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