Thank God For School

We have very strong personalities in our household, all of us, even me, the Yoga teacher, when my buttons are pushed, the monster comes out.  Out in the world as I am spreading my message of balance, breath, and positive energy, I get recharged.  The moment I step into my house, everyone wants a piece of me, I try my best to give attention and support one by one, but am exhausted, drained, and depleted.  All I can do is Thank God for my kind of problems, healthy kids that know what they want and know how to get it, and a straightforwardness and love that is full of passion.


I am so grateful for teachers of children, they are really special souls, they know how to get down to the level of little people, really see them eye to eye.  With adults we can take it or leave it, if we do not like something, someone, or a certain situation, we can remove ourselves from it and go on with our lives.  For children everything is a big deal, and they might not know how to express themselves, and we need infinite amounts of patience and wherewithal.  I was told that with children it is important to be formidable, and I cannot internalize that approach.  They are not my opponent, I know they need boundaries and discipline, but I am so grateful that with adults, I walk into a class, they are ready to learn and listen, and feel good with me.

My kids shine in school, in academics, socially, love their homework and activities, and I am so grateful.  Everyone tells me how friendly and smart they are, and how they are so wonderful with their friends.  I guess only with our family can we show our true colors and they will still love us and put up with us unconditionally no matter what.

The Joy of Parenthood!

Coach Yulia


My kids go to this amazing Jewish school after their public school four times a weeks, I feel so blessed and grateful, I was interviewed for this article, and am so happy to spread the word. My son is at the very back of the picture standing in his Purim costume as they are making Hamentashen.

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