The video above is a virtual reality, very technical and mechanical way to see how labor progresses into birth.  I love the work I do!  Supporting moms and families is such an honor and a privilige, it is God’s work,  and I am so blessed to do it for a living.

I also wanted to share some powerful posts from some of the best mom groups.


I am not in LA right now but I can tell you few things that can work with you while you wait for your appointment. I been there also I’m Psychologist. You can change your mood by doing exercise at least walking in a park and been in the nature. Eat strawberries,blueberries and all the berries, bananas,almonds, plenty of green vegetables and lots of water. You need to get outside and at least take 10 minutes of Sun to incense your Vitamin D because if not you can feel depress, stress,tired and sick and also supplement will help. Try to not eat anything unhealthy and the most organic you can. There are places to go with babies or toddlers like parks,libraries, etc.. ask for help and every day do something you like. If any of this improve in a week or two you may still need medication to get you out of the depression like antidepressants and for anxiety. Also a good vitamins supplement with Vitamin D an B6 will be great if you can’t tolerate pills you can have 2 kids vitamins. Send a private message and I would be more than happy to help also from far and free. I’m not talking because I study about Pospartum Depression so much, I’m talking also because I been there and know how is and how you can improve your life as well as your Baby and family. Lots of Love !!!


Good Morning Mommies! I encourage each of you to check out this book on child development called the Wonder weeks! It is an excellent read, but if you dont like to read download the app to your phone or ipad! It gives you sooo much insight on what your LO is experiencing from a newborn up and has a chart that informs you of when your child will be fussier at times than others. When they take a “leap” in their development! It has helped with my anxiety of being a first time mom tremendously. My daughter is in her 2nd leap at 2 months old and everything is spot on…fussiness…wanting to take in her surroundings more…not sleeping…wanting more cuddles etc! Like I said both the app and book are great. I have both. Kindle version available as well!