Biology and Geography


Social media has introduced me to Zaha Hadid, she is the most inspiring architect, unique artist, and she recently passed away.  This article talks about the art of architecture,

She inspires me because her biology and geography had nothing to do with her soul creating and being, adding light and beauty into our world.  We live in such a diverse world, and yes there are people that spew hatred, but it is our choice how we receive it.  I have experienced discrimination first hand in the Soviet Union and in America, but it did not affect my life path, I just chose to surround myself with like minded people and good energy.  The best thing you can do is just be you, unapologetic, real, geniuine, fierce, raw, no holds barred!

The video below brings in artists from all over the world that share a common language, music.  Lets find our commonalities, learn from each other, share our own roots, and celebrate what makes life more colorful.

Coach Yulia

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