Passion and Practice

Music, that is what is popping out at me at this moment, although it has not been part of my day.  We had a wonderful day just running errands as a family, and then at a birthday party with friends.  I am feeling tired from just mommy life, it is a good tired, and tonight I have a Yoga class to teach, which I love, and literally recharges me from family life.

My mom is a musician, it passed over my brother and I, and the only grandchild that got it so far is my oldest son.  I feel for him it is on one hand another language easily learned because he has a photographic memory.  On the other hand it is like a therapy and meditation, and a positive competition with himself, which builds confidence.  There is nobody else to compare to or compete with, it has been six months, and I am in awe of his musical connection.  He is not a show off, when he sees a piano he does not rush to show what he knows.  When it is a recital or his teacher asking him to show what he has learned, he is proud to give a sample.

My daughter loves to sing and my little guy loves to dance, we will see what happens in the future.  I just want to encourage them to enjoy what they do, and enjoy the learning process, as well as see the importance of practice.

Just like in Yoga, it is a lifestyle, it is not about perfection or Cirque Du Soleil, if that is someones goal, even the Olympics, that is amazing.  Yoga is totally different, it is a consistent practice that is different every time, there are so many layers and levels, the learning is infinite, and it is such a self love, care, interest, not selfish, but self care.




Coach Yulia

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