Sometimes it is in our hands, Sometimes it is our of our hands

I am 100% good with the concept that some things are out of our hands.  Yes, I like to be in control, I like to know what is going on with my schedule and children, but I also like to go with the flow, be flexible, and let life unfold.  I feel that is how I keep my sanity, there are no absolutes, each child is so different, so many options, classes, and activities.  Also with my work, I am clear about what I do, and if it does not fit with someone else’s needs, that is just fine with me.

The real question is how and where do we find this right fit?

  • Be 100% CLEAR about what you want and what you don’t want (this is a process)
  • Be open if things do not work out exactly as planned, one door closes, another opens


Why settle for the alternative?

Why worry in advance?

Feel good about your choices,


Coach Yulia



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