Today we keep celebrating the birthday of my baby, he turned four a few days ago, and we will keep celebrating at his school, with his Safta, his grandma on my husbands side, and all the way until the lunar day of his birth in a few weeks.  He was born five weeks early and I think he was just ready, cooked, and was such a blessing from the moment he came into this world. Even before, the pregnancy, labor, and birth were as “easy” as it could possibly be, and he is the sweetest, loving, and kind human being.

My parents allowed me to be 100% me and treated me like adult since childhood.  The most attractive trait in a person is confidence, where they know who they are, and genuinely treat people around them as they are.  When my husband and I were dating he said,

“I love me.”

In response I told him that is exactly what I need, somebody that loves themselves, and therefore knows how to love others.

My goal is to give my children a strong sense of self, and an awareness of the diversity around them.  Know their roots, and respect the background and learn about everything and everyone in the world.

I Love Me.

Coach Yulia




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