Political Unity and Moral Clarity

These are the words that the Prime Minister of Israel says in the video above. This is the only way to stand together against the attacks happening all over the world.  The holiday Purim that we just celebrated for a couple of days is all about unity.  Jews were scattered all over and were empowered to join together for their survival.  Now the global community needs to open their eyes, swallow the truth, and move forward as one to defeat the threat to civilization as we know it.  On Purim night, Wednesday night, I was walking home by myself at 12:30, right after midnight after a party, breathing the fresh air, feeling safe, and by the way I was dressed up in my crazy costume with heels and looked quite sexy.  I had a thought that I was so blessed to just feel safe, and express myself, my tradition, and not be scared, hide, or worry that at any time there could be an attack.

Below is a video about Israel, where attacks happen every day, on innocent elderly, women, and children.

With Political Unity and Moral Clarity,

May we stand together against attacks on civilization,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

‎‎Israel Hayom ישראל היום‎ with Lital Shemesh

 שתפו! שכל העולם יראה את הסרטון:

In just two months: 7 shooting attacks in Israel, 51 stabbing attacks, 13 car-ramming attacks, 51 rock-throwing attacks. It’s time to speak up against terror
בסרט: כתבת ישראל היום, ליטל שמש – Lital Shemes

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