Purim all day long

Purim 2016 001

So much fun having Purim in our synagogue with the kids, they had this amazing fire performer, who afterwards was showing the kids how he did it and let them touch the fire sticks.  My husband had to leave early, so we ended up walking home at 10pm, it was awesome, so many parties and costumes all around town.  I put the kids to bed by 10:30pm and got ready for my own fun.  I was dressed up as Cher, got inspired during doppelganger week on Facebook, I was thinking of all the people that I am told I look like.  Cher is the most common, and it fit perfectly with one of the Purim themed parties, which was at the stadium, sports theme, so I figured I am Cher doing the half time show!

Today I am running the kids around, just got back from one party, headed to another later at our synagogue where my husband is in charge of the barbecue.  One of the Mitzvas, commandments that we must do on Purim, is eat a delicious satisfying meal.  We will also be baking some Hamentashen, I made the dough at an amazing get together honoring my friends father who passed away, and remembering him with Purim songs and dance.  We are also packing gifts to give our friends, and will give some of our Hamentashen to the poor, which is another tradition and Mitzva.

Now off to take a little rest,

The day is not done yet,

Oh yeah! It’s also the day my baby was born, he is officially 4!

We will be celebrating non stop for a few weeks.

Happy Birthday Matisyahu!!!!

Coach Yulia


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