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My family always goes to our shul on Purim, it is perfect for kids, low key, fun entertainment, free admission,.and all the extras are a great price, so you can give your multiple kids a good time.

I love the deeper meaning of things, and what is interesting about the story of Purim is that God’s name is not mentioned at all.

Masorah: Learning the Megillah with my daughter, who just turned four. At the start of chapter five, she announces, “Abba, I don’t see a lot of Hashem in this story.” ‪#‎Hesterpanim2016‬

Everything in Judaism is a lesson, and the lesson below is so beautiful, about the greatness of human beings:

Michal Taviv-Margolese
The message of the book of Esther is that God works through us. When we do what is right, then what is right gets done, and God will then bless what it is that we are doing. Mordechai and Esther did not wait for God, they acted on their own. And through what they did, the Hand of God became evident, but only after the fact.

This is the message of Esther, and the reason why this book rightfully has Biblical status. The book of Esther does not speak about the greatness of God, instead it speaks about the greatness of human beings. This is the most important religious teaching.

So the one who wants God’s help should remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, “God helps those, who help themselves.” Mordechai and Esther learned this lesson well, and enshrined it for posterity by writing the book of Esther in the form that we have it.

God is present, no mention necessary. This is the biggest “miracle” of them all! Now, this is a message worth celebrating! – Rabbi Ariel bar Tzadok

Chag Sameach,

Let’s Bring Joy and Light To Everyone Around Us!

Coach Yulia

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