Purim all night long


On Purim, we party all night long, and so do our kids.  We listen to the story of Esther, all the kids are in costumes, there are games, food, performances, and music.  After the kids go to sleep the adult parties begin, they are part celebration and part ceremony, where the Megilla is read each hour so every Jew  has a chance to listen to the story of our ancestors. There are so many parties in every part of town, but here are some big ones, one is a great fancy dinner, and the other goes all night, sports theme, use your imagination.

How was my day?

Two of my kids are on spring break, so between figuring out what to do with them, I have clients, figuring out my new phone, was told my old one is a dinosaur.  Once I’m done with my class, I take them to my son’s piano lesson, then to the 99 cent store to get some cute bags for Mishloach Manot, tradition of giving gifts during the Purim holiday.  Across the street is the LACMA museum with the big rock, so I have a few hours, suggest to go there, we had fun.  Kids enjoyed the art room, made a few masterpieces themselves in the kids gallery, there was another audiovisual exhibit with colors and flashes of light, and the outside is always fun with interactive installations.  We picked up my little one from school, got home, my oldest wants cereal, the box disappeared, it is a big box, I have no idea why it is not in the usual place.  We are figuring it out, I have one more class, then alone time with my husband.

Thank God For It All!

Purim tomorrow night!!


Coach Yulia

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