Purim Hamentashen

This whole week I am excited to talk about Purim, and all of the traditions and food that I have grown up with and love.  Hamentashen are little cookies shaped as triangles, with different fillings in the middle.  The most traditional are poppy seeds, but now everything is in it, from different flavored jelly and preserves, to chocolate and other fancy concoctions.

The reason why they are shaped like triangles is to remember a very evil man, Haman, who tried to convince the King to annihilate the Jewish people during the Persian Empire, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haman_(biblical_figure).  They say his ears looked like triangles, and we never want to forget that we have to stay strong no matter what negativity is around us.

Above is a video of traditional hamnetashen, but they also have some yummy, savory alternatives.  Below is a creative way to make sushi to look like hamentashen, nowadays its all about having fun and creating something memorable and delicious.

Chag Sameach,

Purim is in two days,

Coach Yulia

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