I’m Published!


I am so excited to be officially published, it is a whole other process for me.  You can check out the continuation of this article and the whole magazine at this link, http://jacla.org/magazine/jacla-magazine-purim-march-edition-1/, or pick it up all around Pico/Robertson in a hard copy edition.  Blogging is free flow, I do not think, yes I rack my brain, ponder, get inspired, and get passionate about many different topics, which happen completely in the moment.  I was asked to write an article for the Purim/Adar issue, happiness was the obvious subject, and it is very close to my heart and how I operate in this world.

Excited for all the Purim parties,

My little guy’s birthday is coming up,

Wonderful family coming for Shabbat dinner tonight,

Life is good,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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