Post Partum Pilates and Baby

best pose ever

This is my favorite pose in the world, you need a partner, and when the vibe is right, I do it in my large classes, and hope that a partner is left over for me.  In my smaller groups, especially Prenatal and Post Partum, it is such a beautiful way to feel good together, I tell everyone to do it with their husbands, partners and family.  As a pregnant mom, and as a mom after baby, it is all about feeling good and taking care of mama.

I have been doing Yoga and Prenatal Yoga for a long time, but recently have found the perfect way to combine Post Partum with newborn to almost walking babies.  I tried to do Yoga with my baby, and it was impossible.  I was not able to completely turn off, he wanted my attention, so I decided I only wanted to work out alone, and go with baby to places for baby.  Sure there were great groups for social interaction with other moms, but incorporating baby into a workout never worked for me personally, and I really wanted to focus on the mom.

Everything changed when I started teaching Pilates from a mind and body perspective.  On one hand we can zone in when we do the exercise, but in between we can play with baby, nurse, change, or just make sure they are ok.  We put a blanket and toys for the older ones, and the little ones we keep close, like in the picture above.  We are not completely zoned out, but if baby is happily playing or distracted, I throw in some Yoga poses and customize for each mom individually.  After all we are all so different, and at every age and stage of baby, the mom also has different needs, from healing to stretching and strengthening.

I am also grateful for privates, when the mom is really ready to focus and feel good, but cannot get away, mixing Pilates and Yoga gives you the best of both worlds.

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