Yesterday I wrote about Jewish history

When people ask me what I write about in my blog, the only answer that encompasses everything is the positive view and the truth.

Today I wanted to post this video and get responses from everybody, because what I want is history, just history, and the video above states plain and clear the answer to my question.  So many people lived in the Middle East region, who created the names, and what year were actual nations and lands formed.

The best explanation for the Jewish people I saw in a video, and I am going to rephrase it. We are not just a nation because we come from many nations.  We are not just a religion because there are many different ways to observe.  We are not just a culture because there is different food, dress, and tradition in the Jewish cultures all over the world.  We are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who was given the name Israel, so we are the children of Israel, one big family. The video below really demonstrates how our souls are linked, no matter what our background, way of life, or what we look like.

I am so happy to pass on this connection to my children,

Teaching them to be of service, kind, caring, and shine their light onto the world,

Coach Yulia



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