Every Jewish Holiday Celebrates History

Purim 001

I went to synagogue this Shabbat with my family and was drawn to a Ladino version of the Book of Esther, ME’AM LO’EZ,  written by Chiyya Pontremoli, and translated, it reads like a novel, and explains in exciting detail all of the variables that came together to save the Jews.  We celebrate Purim next week commemorating our ancestors and teaching our children.


I love to keep learning, growing, and delving into the deeper meaning of everything.  As a child we understand the stories from the Torah, the old testament, as just stories, and as we grow year by year, we start learning the lessons and how to operate in this world.  The Torah is read from beginning to end throughout the year, and after celebrating the completion, we start all over with Genesis, Bereishit, when God created the world.  The beauty of reading, understanding, and learning something over and over again, is you see it from different angles, may have missed something the first time, and of course as we grow older and in different stages of our lives, see things from a completely different perspective.

Once the Jewish people became a nation and received the Ten Commandments, which is celebrated and remembered during Passover, other stories were unfolding all over the world.  One of these powerful tales we celebrate next week during the Purim holiday.  We read the Megila, the story of Esther, and how she saved the Jewish people.  What I find most fascinating is that this story is between the exile of the 10 tribes, that is why there are Jews all over the world, and modern times.  How did Esther save the Jewish people? Not only did she marry the King, but she also had a son, who because his mother was Jewish, was also Jewish and allowed the Jewish nation to rebuild their Temple.

Do you know that our current calendar is Common Era, C.E. and before our current calendar it is referred to as B.C.E., Before Common Era.  Do you notice that the completion of the Second Stemple was only 349 B.C.E!

The only way we will be able to move forward in our modern world is to understand and learn from our history.  My children are learning all about Mordechai, Esther, King Achashverosh, and Vashti.  I also keep learning about how everything is intertwined, and how I ended up on this earth in modern times, learning my history, teaching it to my children and to the world.

Chag Purim Sameach,

So excited to celebrate next week,

Coach Yulia




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