My Daughter and I

I am blessed with a very unique, strong, beautiful, and creative daughter.  Today was all about her, we keep on celebrating her birthday, we got her friends together and sang songs, but first I took her with me to get our hair did.  She wanted it ironed, and was so happy that we looked just like each other.  Do you see our hair intermixed in the picture above from our trim, my little blondie mixed with my brunette locks.

My goal is to keep encouraging her strong willed character, while leading by example to be compassionate, kind, giving, caring, as well as trusting herself to be 100% unique, creative, and fun.

Her brothers had fun too, and so did all her friends.  We will keep celebrating through Purim, which is coming up next week, and into Shabbat with family, and onto her Hebrew birthday which falls on the second Adar, it is a leap year in the Jewish calendar too.

I enjoy all the planning and making birthdays really special, and I love that it is not just one day, it is from the Hebrew to the English, to the party and everything in between.

Party on,

Coach Yulia

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